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Design Including Visuals

Design of Bespoke Display Stands

We offer a full design service. Just send us samples or let us know the sizes of your products, how many you want to display and any other constraints and we will design a stand to meet your requirements.

Stage 1

We find out what you need by talking to you and ideally, by having the product sent to us. We then use our 3D solid modelling programme to design a bespoke stand which will fulfil your needs. These designs are scaled drawings which show all measurements, so that you can see the shape and space the stand will take. A GA (General Arrangement) drawing will be sent to you via email for your approval before we proceed to prototype manufacture.

Stage 2

Once a design has been agreed/approved, we make up jigs to manufacture the stand and produce a physical prototype which is sent to you for approval.

Stage 3

When the prototype has been signed off by you, we can then manufacture the stands for you in quantity.

The charges for the design and prototype stages are as follows:

Small Counter Stands – £100.00 (Plus P&P)
Standard Floor Stands – £150.00 (Plus P&P)
Complex Floor Stands – £250.00 (Plus P&P)

Drawing Only – £75 (Depending on Complexity)

Drawing/Prototype costs are to be paid up front and are non-refundable. Please note we cannot proceed until this has been paid.

Prices exclude delivery costs and VAT at 20%.

Prototype charges include all the design, jigs and a physical prototype for review and approval.

Info regarding the following would greatly assist us in creating your stand:

1. Product Type?
2. Size of Product?
3. Prototype Colour?
4. Delivery Address?

3D Visualisation for Presentations

We can take the 3D models created for you at the design stage and import images of your products to produce a dressed stand suitable for presentations. The images on this website are low resolution (clarity) to improve website performance, but we can produce images to whatever resolution is required.

Our 3D modelling software (Autodesk Inventor) enables us to design and visualise the complete display solution to its full extent before manufacturing a physical sample. This allows us to highlight any possible issues or offer improvements to enhance how your products are displayed.

Please fill out an enquiry form or give us a call on +44 (0) 1929 550085

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