Perforated Shop Display Stand, 4-Sided Floor Spinner powder coated Cream

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Perforated Sheet metal
4 Sided
Floor Spinner

USE LOOPS WW6980-002

Footprint: 313mm X 313mm Height: 1650mm


Available in: Cream


Introducing the Perforated Metal Display Stand: Tailor-Made Merchandising

Discover an innovative alternative to our standard spinning stand – the Perforated Metal Display Stand. This dynamic solution employs a perforated sheet metal side and hook system, granting you unparalleled flexibility to customize the stand to your unique needs.

Ideal for varying product sizes and frequently changing ranges, the 25mm pitch of the metal perforated panels accommodates standard shop fitting hooks. Elevate your sales game with a sturdy, professional appearance that can influence buying decisions.

This versatile fixture also doubles as a magnet stand, enhancing its utility. Once assembled and loaded, this fixture shines at aisle ends and high-footfall zones. Manufactured in the UK, it boasts premium craftsmanship.

A favoured choice among our shop fitting clients, this unit, paired with our slick perforated wall bay runs, bestows a truly polished and professional aesthetic throughout any retail store. Adorned in a Powder Coated Cream Finish, it stands as a beacon of style and functionality.

Don’t forget to enhance your setup with Loops WW6980-002 for even greater convenience. Experience innovation, sophistication, and superior British quality – order your Perforated Metal Display Stand today.

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Weight14.44 kg


Sheet Metal & Wire


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